An Integrated Solution for Interaction, Safety and Continuity

AtHoc offers next-generation crisis management capabilities tailored to commercial and industrial facilities. Easy to deploy and use, our integrated solution leverages the power and ubiquity of network and mobile devices to bring interactive communications to the entire organization. The result: physical safety and operational continuity.

Our simple yet sophisticated solution, born from years of national security experience, protects millions of people across thousands of locations. Leading corporations and industrial facilities – including Microsoft, Texas A&M University, Eastman Chemical, Sumitomo, Marathon Oil Corporation, Mexico Seismic Public Warning and US POSCO – rely on AtHoc for networked crisis communication.

The AtHoc solution is:

  • Unified: With a single touch of a button, AtHoc lets users reach all modalities and establish bidirectional communications within all channels
  • Simple: From virtually any device, users activate a variety of protocols to specific target audiences – polling personnel to determine physical status and operational readiness
  • Powerful: AtHoc's comprehensive platform, simplicity and immediacy optimizes uptime and disaster recovery
  • Connected: Seamlessly connect with organizations you care about in your community and be confident your communication reaches them.

Create Your Own Crisis Communication Network

Create Your Own Crisis Communication Network

AtHoc Connect enables organizations to communicate and collaborate with greater effectiveness, authority, and control in times of crisis.

AtHoc Connect enables connected organizations to seamlessly communicate in real-time, resulting in faster and more coordinated responses. Work together with other organizations to protect life and property, as well as minimize the overall negative impact of an event.

Case Study

Eastman Case Study

Unified Emergency Communications

AtHoc's enterprise-class communication system instantly makes direct contact with 100% of the entire workforce and personnel across mega-plants and large, geographically dispersed corporations. All personnel are kept safe and informed via multiple channels and devices throughout the lifecycle of any crisis: chemical spill, hazardous gas leak, active shooter, fire evacuation, severe weather or any other critical event.

Messages can be tailored based on location and subscriber profile:

  • First responders: Armed with real-time information from operations and the field, they coordinate and respond across multiple teams – with lightning speed.
  • Onsite and mobile workers: With the AtHoc solution, they get customized alerts based on their profile – then contribute relevant reports that help the organization speed toward resolution. Alert options include networked computers, mobile devices, sirens, radios, fire panels and digital displays, all featuring predefined procedures and two-way communication.

Personnel Accountability

AtHoc Account enables real-time visibility into personnel location and status for effective crisis handling and response. AtHoc Account empowers decision-makers to determine which employees are safe and which need immediate response. AtHoc Account ensures that geographically dispersed personnel are accounted for.

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